Testimonials from Our Clients
Cheryl Cooper should be declared a national treasure.
She has been an invaluable resource in our efforts to track down and secure rights and permissions for an extremely wide array of properties. And if that wasn't enough, she provides very helpful counsel as we struggle to find the perfect match for our video, audio and multi-media productions. Efficient, resourceful, fun to work with, what more could you ask?
​David H. Katzive, Executive Producer, Ruder-Finn Broadcast, NYC 
When it comes to licensing, Cheryl Cooper delivers. 
In the more than a decade that I've known her, she's successfully cleared music and film clips, 
located rights holders of obscure tunes and negotiated 
reasonable rates. Her connections and years of experience have proven invaluable. Plus, she knows when to offer creative input and ideas you may not have considered. You can't go wrong with Cheryl on your team
Beverly Penninger, Naka TV Productions, Inc., Charlotte NC 
Cheryl Cooper is top notch! She has a wonderful list of players who can provide permissions for intellectual property. She understands people and contacts, and she's a delight to work with. My vendors and my producers love her! I''ve put Cheryl up to some tough challenges,she demonstrates true professionalism by continuing to set realistic timelines so that we receive decisions that meet our deadlines. 

David Haneke, Exec. Producer, Opening Moments LLC, Phoenix
Thanks again for all your hard work and diligence in helping us navigate the world of music rights and acquisition. No matter how big our request, you always get us the answers, and so fast! Because of your help and connections, we've been able to get some incredible pieces for the museum and Charles Hayden Planetarium shows, and that's key to their success. So a million thanks, ”we couldn't have done it without you! 
​ Dani LeBlanc, Museum of Science, Boston 
Cheryl is the go-to gal for researching music.
No matter how obscure the song or tune, Cheryl will not only track down the rights holders, she can often give us a good advance estimate of what the publishing & sync rights will cost. She's a pleasure to work with and she's fast.

Brad White, Executive Producer ImageLine Productions, Inc., Los Angeles 
Cheryl is a miracle worker. When my client calls to ask the impossible and I think "No Way," I simply call Cheryl and she makes it happen.  She has been saving my video projects for more than 10 years. I have not found anyone that works harder or smarter.  Whether it's music, movie clip, or video clearance, Cheryl knows the right people and has the right relationships to get the job done!
Sheila Knox, Main Street Teleproductions, Davidson, NC 

Cheryl has consistently funneled her way through the most 
crazy and difficult music licensing request I can toss at her 
jumping through hoops of fire and sudden starts, stops and changes.  She does it with humor, epertise and dedication.
Penny Benatovich, Producer, Creative Works Inc., Boston
Cheryl Cooper has been saving my butt for years. When clients ask for the impossible in music clearance, she's aways there with a smile in her voice and an answer on her lips.  She's fast, accurate, and (unlike me) never hard to deal with.  Cheryl is great resource, a great comfort and a great friend!
Barry Ouellette, Sr Producer, DigiNovations, 
Concord MA 
I've used Cheryl's services for years and have never found a need to look for anyone else to do what she does best!  Cheryl is very personable and truly goes the extra mile in negotiating contracts that best suit our needs and budget.When one of the songs we wanted was just too pricey for us, Cheryl came up with a more than satisfactory alternative, very impressive. Cheryl you are the best! 
Jan Terry, Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago
Your deadline for obtaining music rights is ridiculous, and the song the writer/producer wants is probably waaay out of budget. The good news is Cheryl won't laugh at you. In fact, she'll start figuring out ways to get what you want during the first phone call. For over 10 years, Mad Monkey has been calling Cheryl to work her magic. She is a true project saver and problem solver. Plus, she's a really, really nice person.
 Lorie Gardner, Executive Producer,
Mad Monkey, Inc., Columbia SC
As producers of video projects that often have multiple end uses, music and stock footage rights can be a nightmare for us. The first and only call I make is to Cheryl Cooper.  She has been my right hand on many a project for close to 15 years.  She is completely reliable, extremely aware of time and cost sensitivities and a joy to work with!  She is a huge asset to any project she is involved with.
Elizabeth B Klein, Producer/Director,
LightStream Associates, Hancock NH
There is no one in the business like Cheryl.
If the footage you are looking for exists she will find it.
The impossible becomes possible. She has so many contacts, she knows exactly where to find footage and music and negotiate the best possible price. If you have a project that has a limited budget she will make it work. She's the only one I would call for my footage needs.
Katherine Kogut, Kogut Productions,Boston
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