We secure copyright permissions for corporations, media producers, publishers & non-profits.
a call to 520-279-7610 will solve your problem. 
Whether you need to use copyrighted music, movie clips, 
TV footage, stock photos, Web media, song lyrics or text, 
we can handle all the licensing details and simplify your life. 
Over 250 clients depend on us.
There is never a charge for an inquiry call.
You will always get cheerful, smart advice. 
 From outside the U.S., call 001-1-520-279-7610

 “Cheryl Cooper should be declared a national treasure.”  
— David Katzive, Executive Producer, Ruder-Finn Broadcast, NYC

If you need to track down hard-to-find 
footage, images, or music, we do that too.

If an audience 
will be waiting 
to see your work...
If you need to 
license music or 
copyrighted images...
If you're
facing a

We serve large and small corporations, independent filmmakers, 
production companies, broadcasters, ad agencies, book publishers, 
government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and new media producers.
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