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"Rights and Permissions by..." usually appears at the bottom of the movie credit roll after "Insects Supplied by," but that doesn't mean we don't take pride in our work. We've been honored to serve some of the best. Here are some of our favorite projects (graphics used with permission).

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
A Northern Light Production Directed by Bestor Cram
Book Credits

We deliver comprehensive copyright editing services for book publishers, and have completed the rights-and-permissions process for dozens of volumes. College textbooks require more licenses than any other kind of book. An average textbook runs 700 pages or more and may require clearances for hundreds of quotations, photos, charts and screenshots from Web sites. The rights granted are often for worldwide use, and the length of the contracts may extend into "perpetuity."​

Here are some of the books we have cleared recently:
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publisher:  Addison Wesley
Publisher:  Addison Wesley
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Publisher:  Addison Wesley
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publisher:  Prentice Hall
Publisher:  Prentice Hall
Publisher:  Prentice Hall
Publisher:  Addison Wesley
Publisher:  McGraw  Hill 
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Corporate Events
As most of you know, the majority of corporate media projects involve one-time screenings for targeted audiences, short-run screenings at trade shows, or limited runs for TV commercials. They account for a large percentage of our work, and there are no movie posters in the lobby. But occasionally (under the heading of brand image) the audiences and events are more public. And in the case of museums, foundations, and educational institutions, the music and footage we clear usually has a larger purpose. We've provided intellectual property rights for these and many more: 
John Hancock Financial Services

John Hancock Financial Services

EMC Corporation

Boston Museum of Science,
Charles Hayden Planetarium

Boston Museum of Science,
Charles Hayden Planetarium

Harvard University Law School

National Parks Service

National Parks Service

Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago

Wells Fargo Video & Digital Media Team​

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

The MIT Sloan School Of Management 
Boston Marathon 100th Anniversary broadcast special, WBZ-TV, CBS Boston (music & historic footage)

​"Amazing Grace,"a Boston Marathon video tribute to handicapped runners (sung by Judy Collins)​

JumboTron videos support the Hong Kong Sevens, the premier tournaments in the International Rugby Board's World Series​

​"The Sky Tonight"-- live, seasonal telescope viewings of the New England night sky​

Special exhibit: "Far, Far Away: the Worlds of Star Wars" with music from the George Lucas films ​

Visual support for Dr. Michael Sandel's course "Moral Reasoning:Â Justice"​

"Honoring Lincoln,"a visitor center video at the restored Abraham Lincoln Home (National Historic Site), Springfield Illinois​

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia: exhibits on park founders Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Byrd Visitor Center.​

​"The Seeds of Our Future,"a video celebration of the building of a new hospital center opening in 2012​

 "Everything Is Awesome " a meeting opening video using the song from the "Lego" movie also used company intranet.

Before each AAOS annual meeting, the Academy builds a new and accessible playground in its host city, so that children with and without disabilities can safely play together. Videos document the construction and are shown at the opening ceremonies.​

A DVD will open meetings held throughout the years to acquaint more people in the academic community about the school. It will be used to introduce the idea that it's not about maximizing profit, it's about fundamentally changing the world.  
This is superb storytelling. The winner of 30 awards, Bestor Cram's documentary covers the event and the backstory of the most famous concert in Cash's lifetime, which continues to touch people's lives 40 years after it happened. The 1968 Folsom Prison concert is still an iconic song album that symbolizes the turbulence of its time. ​

This film was built on that remarkable music plus live footage, woven together with stark still images, rare archival footage, & exclusive interviews. ​

If you're a filmmaker, you'll savor the editing that moves it forward inexorably. It includes 24 songs that from our POV were a tour de force in rights negotiations with heirs and estates. First broadcast on PBS and BBC4, in 2011 was re-broadcast on Ovation TV. Ovation posted an excerpt at​. DVDs are available at Well worth seeing. 
Produced by Monterey Media Directed by Joe Ciota 
After producing their features "The North End" and "Ciao America", writer/director team Frank & Joe Ciota's 3rd epic, shot on location in the North End of Boston, involves Danny Aiello, Lesley Ann Warren, and a cast of classic ethnic characters. It seems that Ragucci's Funeral Home has a dwindling clientele, and Aiello's hearse-driving buddies are determined to provide As they proceed to eliminate some local over-the-hill mobsters, business picks up to Aiello' dismay.

Highlights include our 78-year-old star making love to a 30-something blonde in a coffin as it dollies across the screen to the tune of Spanish music. It's a good dark comedy, well written, with first class acting, direction and a high-energy pace. Sentimental Bostonians will love the scenes shot in Joe Tecce's Restaurant. ​

A good trailer at Comedy to Kill For includes music to die for. Good fun. Watch the skies. 
Flying the Secret Sky
Written, produced & directed by William VanDerKloot
In 1940, before the U.S. entered World War II, a secret operation recruited civilian American pilots to deliver desperately-needed bombers to Britain, flying solo and unarmed across the Atlantic. It was designated the Royal Air Force Ferry Command, and among its pilots was Bill Vanderkloot. His son, the veteran indie filmmaker William Vanderkloot, documents the missions of those forgotten heroes in Flying the Secret Sky, which premiered in 2008 on national PBS TV.​

Vanderkloot tells this story of courage using on-camera interviews with a dozen surviving pilots, plus original and archival WWII footage, including unique home-movie scenes of Winston Churchill in the American-built B-24 that flew him to secret war meetings. His pilot was Bill Vanderkloot senior.

The music score by James Oliverio is enriched by evocative popular songs of the era. DVDs are available through as well as, where it garnered 10 five-star customer reviews to add to its collection of film festival awards. 
C h e r y l  C o o p e r  C o p y r i g h t  C l e a r a n c e s 
The Newport Effect 
A Naka Production produced and directed by Beverly Pennenger and Alyson Young
The Newport Effect covers the history of the legendary Newport Folk Festival and its profound impact on the world of folk music and social activism. Infamous as the place where Bob Dylan "went electric" in 1965, the reach of the festival goes far beyond that iconic moment.  ​

The festival brought its audiences roots music from around the world, resurrected the dying art of Cajun Music and introduced the world - on its New Folks stage - to newcomers like James Taylor, Arlo Guthrie and Joni Mitchell. ​

Narrated by Joan Armatrading and featuring segment narrations by Rosanne Cash, Michael Doucet, Steve Earle, Angelique Kidjo, Pokey LaFarge, Tom Morello, Mavis Staples and Lucinda Williams, all artists who have played the Newport Folk Festival.

DVD's and Merchandise can be purchased on their website: 
and can also be watched or ordered on Vimeo:
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City of Champions: The Best of Boston Sports
Produced by Rabid Films Created by Jamie & Rob Most
In this not your usual sports film DVD, the music and historic footage are as front-and-center as the all-time heroes of the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. Over 500 of the greatest Boston sports moments recalled by Peter Gammons, Mike Barnicle, Jerry Remy, Doug Flutie, M. L. Carr, Ray Bourque, Sox GM Theo Epstein and many more. Highlights include a feast of surprise moments that the most encyclopedic fan won'™t remember or has never seen (, are you listening?)​

On, one 5-star review called it far and away the best sports DVD I 've ever seen. One big factor is the wealth of music,  dozens of cuts including AC/DC's Thunderstruck, Aerosmith's Dream On & Sweet Emotion, Pearl Jam's Man of the Hour, the Isley Brothers' It's Your Thing, Higher by Creed, and last but not least, the iconic O Fortuna by Carl Orff. C'mon, you know it gives you chills. ​

There's an Orff montage at and the Aerosmith Dream On montage including Ancient Marathoner Johnny Kelley breaking the finish line tape in the rain” is at Not a dry eye in the house. It was also a licensing marathon for 4CPermissions. 
The Hills Have Thighs
Written, produced & directed by Bubba Cromer
Everybody has a sentimental favorite and what's not to like about a cast of Hillbillies versus Tourists versus Bigfoot, with the diabolical twist that it'™s the tourists who are terrorizing the locals "Deliverance" in reverse. Oh yeah, did we mention it's a comedy?​

Let's just say that local hero Daniel Boone Owen goes missing one night, after a drunken call-in interview on national radio. An assortment of searchers chase around the countryside of Pickens County SC, Transylvania and Jackson Counties NC, in search of Bigfoot, possible aliens, possible ghosts, and possibly Daniel. The frenetic search is led by local women who have, er, large bone structures. And let' just say the music is, er, Appalachian. 
The Special:The Story of An American Anthem
A Northern Light Production Directed by Bestor Cram 
Orange Blossom Special is the ultimate train music. Created by Ervin T. Rouse and Chubby Wise in the late 30s, it's the National Anthem of Bluegrass. It's story of iron wheels churning along iron tracks. Of that lonely steam whistle calling you to roam. Of endless stretches past nameless towns. And of people whose feet can' stop moving.

In this film it's a story told by the musicians and fans, without narration constantly reinvented by the fiddles and banjos of America' greats: Vassar Clements, Bela Fleck, Charlie Daniels, The Del McCoury Band, String Cheese Incident; and Johnny Cash, who re-creates the journey with both harmonica and that haunting voice of his.​

Fair warning: the music is contagious, and so is the pure joy of the audiences. The B-roll is an absolute delight to see. There's trailer at, and DVDs are available from